Iron Balusters

The use of decorative iron balusters has become extremely popular with today’s home owners. Available in many styles and colors, homeowners love what they add to the interior décor of their homes.

Iron Balusters Are The #1 Most Popular Staircase Update

Folsom Stair & Woodworks has supplied and installed iron balusters for more than a decade. The simplicity of installing individual balusters and yet the ability to create patterns unique to each home has placed iron balusters at the top as the number one staircase update. From a simple solid ½” bar to a custom curved panel, we can fulfill your expectations and design ideas.

Updating To Iron Balusters is Easy and Fast

In most cases, homeowners replace their existing wood balusters with new powder coated iron balusters. The process is easy. Would you believe that a replacement with iron balusters usually is completed in one day? Yes, it’s true! Folsom Stair & Woodworks can come to your home, remove your existing wood balusters and install your new iron balusters in usually one day.

Folsom Stair Supplies Only Solid Iron Balusters

During the past 35 years, we have always placed quality and service at the top, and with iron balusters it is no different. We only supply solid iron balusters and solid iron panels. Homeowners know that iron balusters from Folsom Stair & Woodworks are a quality product at a fair price.

Have Some Fun With Iron Balusters!

Remodeling can be quite stressful, but not with an iron baluster replacement. In fact, it can be fun and enjoyable. You, the homeowner, get to choose the size, style and color of your iron balusters and it doesn’t stop there. You also get to design your own layout pattern. Yes, because iron balusters come as individual pieces, you can put the pieces together to create your unique personal pattern. Here at Folsom Stair & Woodworks we are quite impressed with the design capabilities of our homeowners.

Iron Balusters Give The Most Bang For The Buck

The best thing about an iron baluster replacement is it gives you the best bang for your buck in staircase remodeling. Your stair is now dramatic and substantial value is added to that first impression guests will have as they enter your home.

Put The “WOW” Back Into Your Staircase

Please contact Folsom Stair & Woodworks for your free staircase review. A convenient, quick, beautiful and affordable iron baluster replacement may be just what you need to put the WOW back into your staircase.