Staircase Replacement

The option of a complete Staircase Replacement may just be what you need to complete your home interior remodeling project.

Finding Good Answers About Updates to Your Staircase Can Be Confusing

As a homeowner that wants to update your staircase, you will go on the web and search out different sites looking for products, images and ideas, and you should. Unfortunately it can get quite confusing on where to start, or on what is the best game plan. One site will tell you to start over, one site will tell you to refinish and another site might recommend saving your ideas for when you build your next home. Telling the difference between what is true and what is advice just trying to sell a product can be difficult.

Folsom Stair Can Help

For 35 years Folsom Stair & Woodworks has asked for their employees to abide by one simple rule: If we cannot be of service to the homeowner, then tell them so and recommend a company that can be of service, but if Folsom Stair & Woodworks can be of service to the homeowner, then give 100% to that service. We will listen to you, the homeowner, and then recommend a plan for your project.

Replacing Your Staircase Is Often Better Than Refinishing

In most cases, an existing staircase can be completely replaced with new materials in the time it takes to refinish the existing stair in the home. At Folsom Stair, we stain and finish your new staircase materials in our shop in order to reduce the amount of chemicals in your home.

No Environmental Worries About Replacing Your Wood

Wood is a renewable resource, and the best example of this is the European Beech forests in Germany. Many years ago, Germany passed laws preventing the harvesting of more trees than could be replanted. As a result, the Beech forest in Germany is of equal size to 100 years ago or maybe even larger. We believe Canada and the USA are also getting better at forest management, which is important to us as most of our hardwoods are harvested in these two countries. Our domestic forests in some areas are now larger than at any time in the last 50 years.

Replacing Your Staircase Gives You So Many More Options

Of course, a tremendous bang for your buck can be obtained without a complete staircase replacement. Please see our page on Stair Treads or our page on Iron Balusters. But, there are still those situations where a complete replacement may be needed. Do you want your stair to match your new cabinets? This is a common situation. Many times, we will replace the newel posts, handrail and other stair parts with the same wood species used in your new cabinets and give you a staircase to match. Of late, homeowners have fallen in love with American Cherry for their kitchen remodels. A Staircase of American Cherry with Iron Balusters is hard to beat.

We’ll Review Your Stairs For Free and Give You Answers You Can Trust

If you would like a free review of your existing staircase, please contact Folsom Stair & Woodworks. The option of a complete Staircase Replacement may just be what you need to complete your home interior remodeling project.

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